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Municipal and Government Law

We advise and represent public sector clients on a full range of Municipal and Administrative Law issues, including zoning and land use planning; building code issues; municipal agreements and by-laws; property assessment and taxation; subdivision and condominium registration; municipal liability; municipal law offences and prosecutions; municipal conflict of interest; and municipal freedom of information and protection of privacy issues.

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Administrative Law

We advise and represent clients on a full range of Administrative Law issues, including issues arising in Landlord and Tenant, Human Rights, Labour Relations and Employment Standards cases. Our lawyers have argued cases before a variety of administrative tribunals and officers, including the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the Ontario Labour Relations Board and Referees appointed pursuant to the Employment Standards Act. Our lawyers have also represented our clients in pursuing or defending appeals, and applications for judicial review, of tribunal decisions before the Courts.

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Notaries Public and Commissioners for Taking Affidavits

Each of our lawyers is appointed as a Notary Public for the Province of Ontario, with authority to certify true copies of original documents for submission to government agencies, banks and other recipients, both domestic and foreign. Our Notaries can also swear oaths taken by our clients on affidavits and declarations required in foreign jurisdictions.
Each of our lawyers, and several of our non-lawyer staff, are appointed as Commissioners for Taking Affidavits. Our Commissioners can swear oaths taken by our clients on affidavits and declarations required within the Province of Ontario.

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