Civil Litigation


Helson Kogon Ashbee Schaljo has 3 civil litigators who have expertise with most causes of action.

There are many causes of action which permit a legal claim to be made. Some claims are brought before a tribunal or some type of board. These types of proceedings are referred to as administrative law. Other actions are proceeded before a civil court.  These are referred to as civil actions. If you feel one of these may apply to your fact scenario, contact us.

There are strict deadlines to issue claims and file defences. So do not delay.  If you believe that you may have a legal claim or you need to respond to a legal claim, immediately contact one of our legal professionals listed at the bottom of the page.  The majority of litigation that we do involves family related matters and business issues.

Contracts        Torts




One of the most common areas of Civil Litigation involves breaches of contract.  There are many different forms of contracts which can all be enforceable, including business contracts, employment contracts, shareholders agreements, promissory notes, contracts for goods and services, loans, leases and rental agreements. Each of these contracts may give rise to a potential civil litigation claim. The nature of your claim  may entitle you to pursue different remedies  such as damages, specific performance and injunctions.


The other main area of Civil Litigation is an area called torts.  A claim in tort involves someone who, or something that, has wronged you personally.  This could be by way of negligence (including claims arising from careless driving, product liability and property maintenance), intentional wrongs (including claims arising from assault, battery, defamation, breach of fiduciary duty, civil fraud, harassment and misrepresentation), torts relating to chattel property (including conversion and detinue) and torts relating to land (including trespass, occupier’s liability and nuisance).

Certain areas of litigation are best done by specialized law firms. If you have an issue that requires a specialty firm, call us and we will refer you to a law firm that specializes in that type of litigation.

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