Jasmine Spudic

Prior to her employment at Helson Kogon Ashbee Schaljo & Associates LLP, Jasmine worked at a law firm in Oakville where she started as a summer law student in June 2014. Upon her completion of her LL.B. from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, she was employed as a full-time legal assistant at the same firm. She continued on in this capacity while she completed the accreditation process. 

Jasmine began working at Helson Kogon Ashbee Schaljo & Associates LLP in August of 2016 when she commenced her articles. She became a full-time associate with the firm upon her call to the Bar in June, 2017.

Jasmine currently sits on the board of directors for the Halton Community Legal Service, a not for profit, community-based organization aimed at providing legal aid services to low-income residents of Halton.

Areas of practice: matrimonial/family law, real estate, estates and wills.

Phone: 905-877-5200, ext. 231
Email: j.spudic@helsons.ca