Adam Wagman

Adam Wagman - Lawyer at Helson Kogon Ashbee Schaljo & Associates Adam Wagman is Senior Partner at Howie, Sacks & Henry.  His practice is devoted to personal injury litigation, accident benefits claims and other disability and insurance litigation. He fights with compassion, for the rights of accident victims and strives to ensure that they receive the appropriate compensation for all of their losses.

Adam is recognized as a leader in the legal community. He is currently serving as Vice President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association. He is also a member of and holds leadership roles in a number of other professional associations and organizations, for which he is in high demand for speaking and teaching engagements.

Adam is also passionate about his involvement in pro bono and community associations, such as the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer and Adam is a member of the award winning rock band, “SoSumi,” which performs to raise money and awareness for various charitable organizations.

Phone: 1-877-474-5997 and ask for Adam Wagman